Crafting 1.8 (EN)

Basic Recipes

Wooden PlanksWoodCraft Wooden PlanksBasic building material.
SticksWooden PlanksCraft SticksUsed to craft torches, arrows, fences, signs, tools and weapons.
TorchesCoal & StickCraft TorchesTorches provide light and also melt ice and snow.
Crafting TableWooden PlanksOpens a 3x3 crafting grid when right clicked.
FurnaceCobblestoneCraft FurnaceAllows the player to smelt.
ChestWooden PlanksCraft ChestUsed to store blocks and items.
LaddersSticksCraft LaddersAllows the player to climb vertically.
FenceSticks & Wooden PlanksBarrier that cannot be jumped over.
BoatWooden PlanksUsed to travel in water.
Wooden SlabsWooden PlanksUsed to create gradual slopes.
Stone SlabsStone or Brick or Stone Brick or Sandstone or Cobblestone or Nether Brick or Quartz or Red SandstoneUsed to create gradual slopes.
SignWooden Planks & StickShows text.
DoorsWooden Planks or Iron IngotsWooden doors can be opened by clicking or redstone power. Iron doors can only be opened by redstone power.

Block Recipes

GlowstoneGlowstone DustBright light source that can be used underwater.
Snow BlockSnowballsCraft Snow BlockStore of snow and building material.
TNTGunpowder & SandCraft TNTCreates explosions.
Clay BlockClayCraft ClayStore of clay and building material.
Brick BlockClay BricksCraft BrickblockStrong building material.
BookshelfWooden Planks & BooksCraft BookshelfDecoration.
Sandstone BlockSandBuilding material.
Smooth SandstoneSandstone BlockBuilding material.
Decorative SandstoneSandstone SlabsBuilding material.
Note BlockWooden Planks & RedstonePlays a note when left clicked.
Jack-O LanternPumpkin & TorchCraft JackoLight source.
Lapis Lazuli BlockLapis Lazuli DyeLapiz Lazuli BlockStore of Lapis Lazuli Dye.
Diamond BlockDiamondsCraft Diamond BlockStore of Diamonds.
Gold BlockGold IngotsCraft Gold BlockStore of Gold Ingots.
Iron BlockIron IngotsCraft IronBlockStore of Iron Ingots.
Emerald BlockEmeraldsStore of Emeralds.
Coal BlockCoalStore of Coal.
Stone BrickStoneBuilding material.
Wooden StairsWooden PlanksUsed for staircases.
Stone StairsCobblestone or Sandstone or Brick or Stone Brick or Nether Brick or Quartz or Red SandstoneUsed for staircases.
Cobblestone WallCobblestone or Moss StoneDecorative block that acts in a similar way to fences.
Block of RedstoneRedstoneRedstone power source.
Nether BrickNether Brick (Item)Building material.
Block of QuartzNether QuartzBuilding material.
Chiseled Quartz BlockQuartz SlabsBuilding material.
Pillar Quartz BlockBlock of QuartzBuilding material.
Stained ClayHardened Clay & DyeBuilding material.
Hay BaleWheatDecorative block and food for horses.
GraniteDiorite & Nether QuartzDecoration.
AndesiteDiorite & CobblestoneDecoration.
DioriteCobblestone & Nether QuartzDecoration.
Polished GraniteGraniteDecoration.
Polished AndesiteAndesiteDecoration.
Polished DioriteDioriteDecoration.
PrismarinePrismarine ShardDecoration.
Prismarine BricksPrismarine ShardDecoration.
Dark PrismarinePrismarine Shard & Ink SacDecoration.
Sea LanternPrismarine Crystals & Prismarine ShardLight source.
Coarse DirtDirt & GravelSimilar to normal dirt however grass cannot spread to it.
Slime BlockSlimeballCan be used to push other blocks using pistons.
Moss StoneCobblestone & VinesDecoration.
Mossy Stone BrickStone Brick & VinesDecoration.
Chiseled Stone BrickStock Brick SlabDecoration
Red SandstoneRed SandDecoration
Smooth Red SandstoneRed SandstoneDecoration
Chiseled Red SandstoneRed Sandstone SlabDecoration

Tool Recipes

PickaxesSticks & Wooden Planks or Cobblestone or Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots or DiamondsUsed to mine stone blocks and ores.
AxesSticks & Wooden Planks or Cobblestone or Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots or DiamondsUsed to chop wood blocks faster than by hand.
ShovelsSticks & Wooden Planks or Cobblestone or Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots or DiamondsUsed to dig sand, gravel, dirt, grass and snow faster than by hand.
HoesSticks & Wooden Planks or Cobblestone or Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots or DiamondsUsed to till dirt blocks in preparation for growing crops.
Fishing RodSticks & StringUsed to catch fish.
Flint & SteelIron Ingot & FlintCreates fire.
CompassIron Ingots & RedstonePoints to the spawn point.
ClockGold Ingots & RedstoneDisplays the time relative to the positions of the sun and moon.
BucketIron IngotsUsed to transport water, lava and milk.
ShearsIron IngotsUsed to collect wool from sheep and leaves from trees.

Defence Recipes

HelmetLeather or Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots or DiamondsHead armor. Provides 1.5 protection points.
ChestplateLeather or Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots or DiamondsChest armor. Provides 4 protection points.
LeggingsLeather or Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots or DiamondsLeg armor. Provides 3 protection points.
BootsLeather or Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots or DiamondsFoot armor. Provides 1.5 protection points.
SwordSticks & Wooden Planks or Cobblestone or Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots or DiamondsDeals more damage to mobs than by hand.
BowString & SticksUsed to shoot arrows.
ArrowFlint & Stick & FeatherAmmunition for bows.
Horse ArmourWool & Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots or DiamondsSpecial type of armour worn by horses.

Mechanism Recipes

Pressure PlatesWooden Planks or StoneSend a redstone signal when stepped on by a player or mob.
TrapdoorWooden PlanksHorizontal door activated by clicking or redstone.
Fence GateWooden Planks & SticksUsed as a gate that can be opened like a door.
ButtonStone or Wooden PlankSends a short redstone signal when pressed.
LeverStick & CobblestoneSends a redstone signal that can be turned on and off.
Redstone RepeaterStone & Redstone Torch & RedstoneUsed as a repeater, diode or delayer in redstone circuits.
Redstone TorchStick & RedstoneConstantly sends a redstone signal.
JukeboxWooden Planks & DiamondUsed to play music discs.
DispenserCobblestone & Bow & RedstoneHolds and shoots out items when powered.
PistonWooden Planks & Cobblestone & Iron Ingot & RedstonePushes blocks.
Sticky PistonPiston & Slime BallPushes blocks and pulls back the touching block.
MinecartIron IngotsUsed to travel along Rail.
Powered MinecartMinecart & FurnacePushes other minecarts along track using fuel.
Storage MinecartMinecart & ChestUsed to transport blocks and items along track.
RailIron Ingots & StickGuide for Minecarts.
Powered RailGold Ingots & Stick & RedstoneSpeeds up Minecarts when powered.
Detector RailIron Ingots & Stone Pressure Plate & RedstoneSends a redstone signal when crossed by a Minecart.
Redstone LampRedstone & Glowstone BlockLight source when powered by redstone.
Tripwire HookIron Ingot & Stick & Wooden PlankUsed to create a tripwire that activates a redstone signal.
Activator RailIron Ingots & Sticks & Redstone TorchUsed to activate TNT minecarts and minecarts with hoppers.
Daylight SensorGlass & Nether Quartz & Wooden SlabsEmits a redstone signal during daylight.
DropperCobblestone & RedstoneDrops items (similar to a dispenser) when powered.
HopperIron Ingots & ChestMoves items into and out of chests, dispensers and other blocks that can hold items.
Minecart with HopperHopper & MinecartMinecart that functions in the same way as a hopper.
Minecart with TNTTNT & MinecartMinecart that explodes when triggered by activator rail or when hit.
Redstone ComparatorRedstone Torches & Stone & Nether QuartzBlock used in redstone circuitry.
Trapped ChestChest & Tripwire HookChest that emits a redstone signal when opened.
Weighted Pressure PlatesIron Ingots or Gold IngotsSimilar to regular pressure plates, but can only be activated by items. The number of items determines the signal strength.
Iron TrapdoorIron IngotsTrapdoor activated by redstone.

Food Recipes

BowlWooden PlanksHolds Mushroom Stew.
Mushroom StewBowl & Red Mushroom & Brown MushroomRestores 4 hunger points.
BreadWheatRestores 2.5 hunger points.
Golden AppleApple & Gold NuggetsRestores 2 hunger points.
Enchanted Golden AppleApple & Gold BlocksRestores 2 hunger points. Also gives resistance and fire resistance for 30 seconds.
SugarSugar CaneUsed to create Cake.
CakeMilk Buckets & Sugar & Wheat & EggHeals 1.5 hunger points per use for a total of 6 uses.
CookiesWheat & Cocoa BeansRestores 1 hunger point.
Melon BlockMelon SliceMethod for storing melon slices.
Melon SeedsMelon SliceCan be planted on farmland.
Pumpkin SeedsPumpkinCan be planted on farmland.
Golden CarrotCarrot & Gold NuggetsUsed as a brewing ingredient and restores 3 hunger points.
Pumpkin PiePumpkin & Egg & SugarRestores 4 hunger points.
Rabbit StewMushroom & Bowl & Cooked Rabbit & Carrot & Baked PotatoRestores 10 hunger points.

Other Recipes

BedWooden Planks & WoolUsed to forward time to day during nights.
PaintingSticks & WoolDecoration.
PaperSugar CaneUsed to create maps and books.
BookPaperUsed to create bookshelfs and book & quills.
Book and QuillBook & Feather & Ink SacCan be written in and edited.
MapPaper & CompassCreates an image of explored parts of the world.
Glass PanesGlass Blocks or Stained Glass BlocksPanes of glass similar to fences.
Iron BarsIron IngotsSimilar properties to fences however only 1 block high.
Gold IngotGold NuggetUsed to craft a number of other items.
Nether Brick FenceNether BrickSimilar to normal fences but made out of nether brick.
Eye of EnderEnder Pearl & Blaze PowderCan be used to locate strongholds.
Enchantment TableBook, Diamond & Obsidian.Used to enchant tools.
Fire ChargeBlaze Powder & Coal & GunpowderCreates fire and can be shot out of dispensers.
Ender ChestObsidian & Eye of EnderUsed for storage. All Ender Chests in a world access the same storage.
BeaconGlass & Obsidian & Nether StarEmits light beam and provides temporary player buffs when placed on a pyramid made of emerald, diamond, gold or iron blocks.
AnvilIron Block & Iron IngotUsed to repair items and combine enchantments.
Flower PotBricksDecorative block.
Item FrameSticks & LeatherUsed to display items and blocks on walls.
Carrot on a StickFishing Rod & CarrotCan be used to control saddled pigs.
Firework RocketGunpowder & Paper & Firework StarItems that can be launched into the sky. The more gunpowder added the higher the rocket will fly.
Firework StarGunpowder & Dye & an extra ingredient (optional)The dye determines the colour of the firework and the extra ingredient determines the special effect.
LeadString & SlimeballUsed to leash mobs.
CarpetsWoolThin block that can be used as a decoration.
Stained GlassGlass Blocks & DyeUsed as a decoration and building material.
LeatherRabbit hideUsed as a crafting ingredient including for armor.
BannerWool & StickDecoration.
Armor StandStone Slab & StickUsed to display armor, mob heads & pumpkins.

Dye Recipes

Bone MealBoneCan be used to make crops, trees and tall grass grow instantly.
Light Gray DyeBonemeal & Ink Sac or Gray Dye & Bonemeal or Azure BluetUsed as a dye to create Light Gray Wool.
Gray DyeBonemeal & Ink SacUsed as a dye to create Gray Wool.
Rose RedRed Tulip or Rose BushUsed as a dye to create Red Wool.
Orange DyeRose Red & Dandelion Yellow or Orange TulipUsed as a dye to create Orange Wool.
Dandelion YellowDandelion or SunflowerUsed as a dye to create Yellow Wool.
Lime DyeCactus Green & Bone MealUsed as a dye to create Green Wool.
Light Blue DyeLapis Lazuli Dye & Bone Meal or Blue OrchidUsed as a dye to create Light Blue Wool.
Cyan DyeLapis Lazuli Dye & Cactus GreenUsed as a dye to create Cyan Wool.
Purple DyeLapis Lazuli Dye & Rose RedUsed as a dye to create Purple Wool.
Magenta DyePurple Dye & Pink Dye or Allium or LilacUsed as a dye to create Magenta Wool.
Pink DyeBone Meal & Rose Red or Peony or Pink TulipUsed as a dye to create Pink Wool.

Wool Recipes

WoolStringBuilding material that can also be coloured with dyes.
Light Gray WoolWool & Light Gray DyeBuilding material and decoration.
Gray WoolWool & Gray DyeBuilding material and decoration.
Black WoolWool & Ink SacBuilding material and decoration.
Red WoolWool & Rose RedBuilding material and decoration.
Orange WoolWool & Orange DyeBuilding material and decoration.
Yellow WoolWool & Dandelion YellowBuilding material and decoration.
Lime WoolWool & Lime DyeBuilding material and decoration.
Green WoolWool & Cactus GreenBuilding material and decoration.
Light Blue WoolWool & Light Blue DyeBuilding material and decoration.
Cyan WoolWool & Cyan DyeBuilding material and decoration.
Blue WoolWool & Lapis Lazuli DyeBuilding material and decoration.
Purple WoolWool & Purple DyeBuilding material and decoration.
Magenta WoolWool & Magenta DyeBuilding material and decoration.
Pink WoolWool & Pink DyeBuilding material and decoration.
Brown WoolWool & Cocoa BeansBuilding material and decoration.

Brewing Recipes

Glass BottleGlassUsed in brewing.
CauldronIron IngotStorage of water for Glass Bottles.
Brewing StandBlaze Rod & CobblestoneUsed in brewing.
Blaze PowderBlaze RodUsed to craft an Eye of Ender and Magma Cream.
Magma CreamSlimeball & Blaze PowderUsed in potions.
Fermented Spider EyeSpider Eye, Brown Mushroom & SugarUsed in potions.
Glistering MelonMelon Slice & Gold NuggetUsed in potions.